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Classroom Updates

Snap a picture of the blackboard or a worksheet. Write down a reminder to share. Record a rhyme. Share a link. No more stuffing folders or writing student dairies. Send it to parents and students in an instant.

No more chasing paper

Send school and classroom documents like a class trip permission slip for the parent’s signature. To all parents at once. Track on your mobile as parents sign the permission. We will remind them till they sign!

Using a new feature Snap Sign,
send that class trip permission

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See who has read your updates

No more guesswork if parents have seen your message. We will even remind them and you.

Access resources to improve student outcomes

Get access to teacher’s notes on all your subjects. Access notes from multiple teachers; keep the ones you need to use handy on your mobile.

SnapNotes shares teachers personnel notes.

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Pay school tuition anytime and from anywhere

Schools and parents have an additional option to pay school tuition for their student through the SnapPay mobile wallet feature. Parents can pay anytime from anywhere.

SnapPay is quick, easy and secure.

Better than Email!

No disruption to your day with 100’s of email replies!
SnapWorks ensures One-Way Teacher to Parent Communication

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Working Smarter

Use the SnapWorks web portal to manage your account and see all your activities. You can also get insights on how other teachers interact with their classrooms. How to use snap homework

Ensuring a Secure Experience

SnapWorks makes every effort to ensure that schools registering with SnapWorks are legitimate. SnapWorks supports schools to have credentialed users who approve new teachers joining the network.

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Get Insights about your engagement with parents and students

Teachers, Parents and Students have access to analytics and insights that help view their engagement over time as well as compare their level of engagement against other similar teachers globally.