Parent instruction

Parent Instruction

New User

  1. Go to Google Play Store/App Store and Search “Snap Homework”
  2. Install and Open the app
  3. Tap on New User
  4. Enter Name, Mobile No. and Password
  5. Tap on Create Account
  6. 6 Digit verification code will be set to your Mobile number via SMS/Whatsapp/FB
  7. Enter verification code
  8. Tap on Join Your School at bottom, Choose ‘Parent’
  9. Enter Child Name and Class Code
  10. Tap on Add Child
  11. Now you will see all classroom updates on ‘Activity’ screen
  12. Tap on any update to get full view
  13. Happy Snapping 🙂

If you see a Welcome message only, it means Postings by Teachers, are awaited

Existing User

  1. Open the app. Tap on this icon on top left, choose setting and tap on log out (If newly Installed Tap on Existing User)
  2. Sign in and Tap on Start
  3. Choose your Grade & Section
  4. Tap on Done (top right corner)
  5. You will see Activity screen now

The account has been updated for New Academic Year. Before Homework update, you will see Welcome message here

Snap Support

Ask a question and Snap Support will reply by email within 24 hours.


+1 408-917-9824 (US)
+91 9899146739 (India)
Available from 9 AM to 9 PM on Weekdays